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Rekey and Duplicate Keys

682 Locksmith Rekey and Duplicate Keys     

682 Locksmith services include rekey and duplicate key making. If you need a new key made or to duplicate a key to your home or vehicle you have come to the right place! We can rekey or duplicate the keys to your home, vehicle or business. Have you lost your keys? Have you just moved to a new home and need new keys made to ensure the old homeowners will not have access to your new house? Rekey your new home as soon as possible. 682 Locksmith is here to help! Find out what we can do for you by calling 682-300-2286. Our customer service representatives will explain everything you need to know before sending a certified locksmith technician to your location to make a new key or rekey the locks for you. If you have recently been through a rough break up and do not want unwelcome visitors to come over anymore without your permission, then call us today so we can rekey your home. If you have recently lost an employee and need to make sure they will no longer have access to your business location, we can prevent that from happening by rekeying the locks. Let our professionals help you protect yourself and your home, vehicle, or business.

Rekeying, A Security Solution

Rekeying is changing a lock so that only the new key will work to open the lock. Rekeying is a great option when you need to limit access to specific people to your home, residence, or vehicle. Rekeying does not require changing out the entire lock. The process of rekeying a lock involves altering the lock itself so that the old keys will not fit anymore. Rekeying involves changing the tumbler or wafer configuration inside the lock. This way only the new key will work in the new configuration.
Call 682 Locksmith Hurst today to discuss your rekeying and key duplication options. Call 682-300-2286. All of our technicians are skilled, trained, and experienced in rekeying and key duplication. We are here to help you!

Another option for you is to completely insert brand new locks. Even though you understand that rekeying is a great option, you may feel more comfortable having the old locks extracted and new locks inserted. Our locksmith technicians are excellent at giving you what you want! We will serve you in the way you need and feel most comfortable.

Key duplication is the process of creating a copy of your key. 682 Locksmith Rekey and Duplicate Keys services offers key duplication for all of your residential, automotive, and commercial needs. 682 Locksmith Hurst offers competitive, low prices for rekey and key duplication. We are dependable, honest, and friendly. Call 682 Locksmith Hurst today to speak to one of our customer service representatives about your needs and have a locksmith technician come to your location immediately. Our average time of arrival is 25 minutes from the time of your call. You are welcome to schedule an appointment as well. We are easy going and will get you the service you need, at the time you need it, whether it is an emergency or not.

Call Now For Help You Can Count On

682 Locksmith Hurst is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer our services on all weekends and holidays. We understand that you can not always foresee the need for a locksmith and therefore we stay open for you. At 682 Locksmith Hurst, we value customer service, dependability and low prices!

Call now to speak to a customer service representative. Call 682-300-2286.

Vehicle Keys

Locked out of your car? Broken key? Lost your keys? No worries because 682 Locksmith is here to help. If you are having any sort of trouble with your vehicle key, we will provide you with the fastest service. All our technician are trained and experienced to handle any situation on any car. We are the top locksmith service for a reason. Our customers trust our work and know they can count on our reliable service.

Key Cutting & Duplication:

We have the most up to date key cutting machines. This allows us to cut your key fast with precision. Our technician can cut any vehicle key using the vehicles VIN number. We know the struggle of getting locked out of your car or your key breaking, which is why all are technicians are highly skilled to get you back in your car with a working key as quickly as possible. You can go to your dealership but they will charge you more than the prices we offer and you would have to physically go to the dealership yourself. All our technicians have many years of experience cutting vehicle keys for any type of make and model, and our mobile service will come to your location.

Transponder Keys:   Vehicle Key

The majority of the keys after 1995 are transponder keys. There is a chip inside all transponder keys that is programmed to the specific car. This chip allows the car to start when you put it in the ignition. If you have lost your transponder key or perhaps your key isn’t working when you try and start the car, our technicians can help. With our key programming technology we are able to program they key for your particular vehicle.

FOB Keys and Remotes:

Most every car comes with a remote to unlock the car instead of manually unlocking from the car door. FOB keys are remotes programed to unlock the car door and allow keyless start to turn on the car without putting a key in the ignition. If you have lost your FOB key or need another one for any reason, our technicians can help. We use the latest programming technology to make your remote. If it is an emergency service or you just need a duplicate remote, we are here to provide you with fast, professional service, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Vehicle Key Services in Hurst

682 Locksmith is the most trusted locksmith company serving Hurst and the surrounding areas. If you need an emergency service and locked out of your vehicle or just need a duplication, we want to make sure you are taken care of. It can be hard and sometimes frustrating to find a good locksmith without having to wait for hours. You can count on us to be at your service as quickly as possible. Call us today to make your vehicle key and get the locksmith service you deserve. Call us today at 682-300-2286 if you are in need of vehicle key services.